Word Prompt-26-Spring Break

Our family always looked forward to spring break. It was a chance to get away.  It was before cell phones, so you REALLY got to relax. Most of the time we would stay in a hotel with free dinners, or a free condo provided by my husband’s company. This allowed us more money to spend on skiing. There were five of us and at the Colorado ski areas, skiing was expensive. My husband insisted on avoiding the lodges, packing a sandwich in your pocket, and eat it on the lift. That way maximum time was spent skiing.  

One particular day, my daughter fell and hurt her ankle, so I accompanied her to the condo and we turned on the tv. President Reagan had just been shot. Naturally it was a shock to my daughter. Not so much to me since I had experienced President Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy’s televised shootings. Sad to say I was not shocked but my daughter was. The rest of the trip was pretty subdued.