Blood Around the Lilies

She could see her reflection in the stream. The ghostly white face was hers, the guilty. She knew she had done it, and her conscious mind let her remember it all. How could a small woman stab a man to death? He was tall and thin, and the blade hit just the right part of his heart to make it stop beating.

He was very much aware of her disappointment, her anger. He hoped this meeting would get her back. He never thought her capable of this. The moment of disbelief shown on his still face. His blood leaked into the stream leaving red pools around the lilies. She stood staring at it, trailing down in the water.

She had no regrets. He deserved what he received, even in her quiet manner. Slipping the knife from her cape pocket while he kissed her, she struck him only once. She studied earlier just where and how she would kill him, knowing exactly where to plunge the blade for the quickest way to stop his heart. She smiled as she saw his brief reaction. Never again would he charm another woman, to use her and leave.

She bent down and washed the weapon before placing it back into her cape. She stood and folded the white scarf around her head, walking away from the stream.


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