Tell Me Something Good-42

Tell you something good on a Monday? It’s the last day of January, tomorrow, here in the USA. For many of you it’s already the 31st. I say thank heavens this month is done. Not my favorite for a lot of reasons….but Hey!

 February is almost here and tons of great things are going to happen. Here’s my list, let’s see yours!  

February 6– my daughter’s 24th wedding anniversary, married to a near perfect man – why only near? Well I don’t want him getting too comfortable with himself ; )

February 13-my oldest and funniest sister’s birthday

February 14-oldest granddaughter turns 21, and she is the sweetest Valentine!

February 20-my daughter’s birthday, her age? I’ll never tell. That would be rude-46

Plus, it’s a short month, and payday is early, Yea!

What do you all like about February?

Is this a cool cake, or what?? ; )


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