Daily Prompt:  Yellow

Yellow sun, I only saw glimpses of you

I slept in since the night’s wind was loud

Early guests seemed like a crowd

Seemed like more since my mood was blue

They arrived in a rush to take down my tree

But for this job demanded a fee

Granddaughter one came home for PT

Wanted more RK cookies from me.

It wasn’t much of a demand

When the boys two and three gave me a hand.

I was even amazed at their cleaning job

Didn’t even stop to rest or hobnob

So now my tree is out in the trash

Poor thing, I feel it was very rash

To dump it there so alone

When inside I loved it so

Years ago when kids were small

Put the tree outside to be used by all

The birds as a feeder while it lasted

With peanut butter and suet on pinecones pasted

Then all of us watched in delight

As the birds feeding was a nice sight.