Picture Prompt-49

She looked over her shoulder. Yes, he was still watching her. Of course that’s what she wanted. That’s why she wore this dress, showing off her tattoos. Anyone interested in her because of the drawings was someone she wanted to meet.

Her life story was painted on her body. Not her real life, but her fantasy life, the one she wanted to live. She endured the pain of the needle, hoping the results would finally sweep her away into them. Of course it wouldn’t really happen, but as each tattoo was blazoned on her body, she would try to wish herself into them.

He was still looking at her, couldn’t take his eyes off her! She was certainly beautiful, but those tattoos! He would love to see all of them, every painting on that beautiful body. She looked right at him. He knew she was interested. It was as if there was a silent connection.

Yes, he was interested alright. She could feel his curious interest in his gaze. Maybe if she turned around and started toward him….

Unbelievable, he thought. She’s coming over! Their attraction was equally exciting. As she grew closer he smiled. “Care for a drink?” he asked. They left the street carnival and went into the cafe.