Daily Prompt:  Privacy

I admit to wearing leggings and socks

Otherwise my knees tend to knock

I don’t wear gowns with too much lace
To sleep, no makeup on my face
My goal is warmth so legs will rest
Keeping me up, they do their best.
I never shut the bedroom door
Unless my company has to snore
So privacy is not on my list
Got claustrophobia, get the gist?
So even if someone took a peek
They wouldn’t find what they seek

At bedtime I am fully clothed

But then, I am not betrothed.

Younger days when being married

Nightclothes over years were varied.

Soft and sexy is how it started 

After kids those gowns departed.

Privacy with kids is hardly abled

So sexy attire was often tabled.

Now I can dress for myself

But still have some things on the shelf.

Ok, I give up on spacing!  It never looks here like it shows in the preview.   What’s up with that?


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    1. Yours is important to me and not just because it’s the only one that never bans me. Yours is important because you post so much I’m always able to find something to take the wrong way and be silly with.

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