Photo Fiction-72-300 Words

It’s just an old lock, look, a vine growing out of it, it is so old. And rusty. Its colors are beautiful. It reminds me of living life. There is still usefulness here in this lock. It’s not broken. Life has mistreated it, leaving it alone, and unattended, so it has started to rust. But it is still a vital piece of equipment, and time has improved its beauty from a shiny silver patina to warm, colorful hues. The bright green ivy coming from the protected inner part of the lock is the plant’s beginning, starting roots are safe there. This is a lock that has secrets tucked inside, waiting to be discovered.

What do you suppose this lock has been used for? Most probably a high school locker, or a bicycle chain attachment? Was it used on an old trunk with secret papers inside? Could it have been used on a toolbox in a woodworking shop? It might have been on a storage unit that holds memories of a life gone by. You think it’s too big for a teenage girl’s diary holding passionate writings of her boyfriends? Could it be from a door in an old house that no one should open? Was it used to protect a jewelry box full of antique treasured items of a ninety year old woman? It might have been used to keep rifles, guns and ammunition from the hands of prying children.

The bright green ivy plant is a new and completely different part of the lock. No matter how old it is, it is still trying to reach out. The lock refuses to be ignored, and is inviting its surroundings to see it is still here, waiting to be noticed, used, unlocked and locked again.


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