January, probably my least favorite month.  Cold, dreary, tiring.  So for the good news, only a couple of weeks to go!  My answers to SYW this week:

1.  I have two closet doors in my room.  One is always cracked open because I have a shoe hanger with a bunch of pockets on the inside of it.  It’s open because I have padded the top hooks in order not to damage the door.  The other closet is full of stored items, like Fibber McGee’s closet, so rarely open it.

2.  I haven’t stayed in a hotel for a year and a half, but used to take the little shampoo to put in my husband’s shaving kit for when he traveled.  We stayed in an antique hotel in Austin,Texas and I loved the Sandlewood soap they provided, so yes, took it home.

3.  My usual bedtime is about 11-1.  I read or write blogs, do a puzzle to relax enough, then try to sleep.  My leg muscles don’t like to relax.

4.  I don’t use Post-a-Notes.  I used to, a lot.  Now I’m not that busy, and have no place to stick them😄. If I write a note, I use pen and paper, or add it to reminders on my phone.

5.  The last time I wrote an actual letter was about a year ago.  In fact I penned about seven letters to a certain person and never sent them.  I also wrote a long letter to my sister when her husband passed away in July’15.  Since I use the iPad so much, my (used to be great) handwriting is not as legible as it needs to be.

6.  Definitely a phobia of being closed in.  I do not tour submarines, etc.  I also don’t care for spiders.

7.  I used to be 5’5″.  Sadly I am now, according to the doc, 5’1″. ***

I am grateful my granddaughter has recovered enough from two hip surgeries in December to go back to college this week.  Only 21, I feel badly for her.  This week my two grandsons were out of school on Tuesday and we went to a horrid movie, “Sleepless” —  Last time the 17 year old picks the movie.

Have a fun week everyone, and thank you for following, and especially for commenting. 💐🤠😉

***I love this:

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  1. I actually hate February more. In January, I’m still excited about the new year and recovering from the holidays. In February, it seems like Spring will NEVER come. It just lasts for-freaking-ever.


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