I didn’t want to do it, but I did. I made a complaint. I know, but I didn’t have a choice. I can’t physically go up the stairs to talk to them, or put a note on their door. I was writing the apartment manager anyway about a repair needing done. I said in an apologetic form that I hated to be complaining, but the people above me are creating nights on end of sleeplessness for me, and probably others. I don’t know why they chose an upstairs apartment, since they pound, knock, slide furniture, use a treadmill, etc almost every night. I’m not talking about an occasional late night or regular noises. Using the treadmill or vacuum at two to four almost every morning is getting annoying. So, we’ll see if it worked. The manager said she would speak to them. I hope it doesn’t get worse now.



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  1. While I had little intention of making it a permanent home. My last apartment was that type of torture too, for me. They were the owners too. They were Punjabi and had to have relatives there each night, it seemed. He drove taxi and she was very heavy footed. They had a new baby the month I moved in. The baby was the quietest of the three. So, I can relate. I started wearing earplugs to sleep with. It helped but did not solve. People like that, are endemic it seems. Cheers Jamie

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