Picture Prompt-34 (language alert)

Man, that is a long ass way from here! It’s hot! No water, how am I ever going to make it there?

Maybe I’m thinking of this the wrong way, at least I survived. Those poor souls with me may have their shoes, but they’re dead. Saudi Safety Airlines, my ass!  I don’t know what happened, but by sounds of the engine sputtering, I’ll bet they ran out of gas….pretty ironic!

Should have taken a regular airline, but this was a free ticket!  I can hear my dad now, “you get what you pay for”.  Crashing here, so far from anything…..I don’t even see a camel! And none of those oasis trees, either.  

I thought winning this prize would be a great way to meet people, see the desert….yeah, I see you, desert, pretty damn amazing all right… this sucks! My feet are burning, it’s too dry, and now I’ve seen you, I want to go home!  

This is my life, this is how it is.  I finally think something great happens, and then THIS! I pictured a place like they had in that old movie, Casablanca. I thought I would meet some sultry women. And what do I get? Dumped in the friggin desert!



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