100 Word Story – Dark Track

Will he find me here? Dare I go down there? I could get lost, but the path is there. Nothing to lose, I can’t stay where I am. He’ll be coming to look for me as soon as he knows I didn’t just go get laundry off the line.  

It’s so dark, no flashlight, not even a match. Why did I choose this month to stop smoking?

My eyes are getting used to the darkness. Looks like there might be a light way up ahead. I hope they have a phone I can use. I’m calling the police this time!


10 thoughts on “100 Word Story – Dark Track

    1. Hi! I’m hosting the challenge over on my blog — we’d love to have you join!! The goal is to get right around 100 words {as I’m no purist!}. Hope to see you there 🙂 {Kiwinana kindly posted the link below — Thank you!}

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