Daily Prompt:  Specific

Saturday here and my grandson, C.  brought my mail and wants to go to a movie tonight.  “Too cold”, I responded.

“I get off work at seven, and I’ll pick you up about nine.”  

He wants to see “Why Him” and I really wouldn’t mind seeing it again, but not with him; might be a bit embarrassing for him.  He wants me to see “Passengers” because it’s so good, he advises. 
“Be ready in thirty ’cause we’re going to lunch.”

I’m rarely hungry till late afternoon, but we went downtown to a restaurant named “Two Doors Down”.  Locally owned by very friendly people, and the servings are huge and very tasty.  We were in line to get sodas and the man ahead of us had a huge orange jacket on, blue, orange, and white watchcap, gloves, and orange and blue glasses.  I couldn’t help myself to ask him this specific question: “Pardon me, may I ask you something?” 

He answered “sure”.

I queried, “By any chance are you a Broncos fan?” Laughter erupted around us, and he laughed most.  He went on to say he’s not a fair-weather fan like some people…..no doubt!  I sometimes cannot control my mouth, occasionally we all benefit.

I should add that my family members  are diehard Denver Bronco fans. In 1977 when the Broncos went to the Super Bowl, the whole city was decked out in orange and blue.  When the games came on, our family wore the colors and ate and drank only orange drinks and snacks.  It was tradition!  The kids lined all of their stuffed animals around in a circle in front of the tv so they could watch.  Drinking Orange Crush was the treat.  We bought t-shirts and went to the mall to have them signed by the players.  It was a great time, uniting the city in one cause.



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  1. Many friends I know have a difficult time controlling their mouths. But the cause is usally attributed to lose fitting dentures. You should continue to speak up. It’s good for you and helps clear the air of potential misunderstandings. 🙂

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