Picture Prompt-29

“Man, do you see that? They specifically told us, go up by the tree, remember?”

“Yeah, man, this is a bummer. Now we’re all the way up here, missing the shot! Everyone else is down with the director! Who sent us here anyway?”

“The producer….you know him, he thinks just because he pays us, he can boss us around.”

“Yeah, sh–! Look at that! It’s the action scene I wanted to be in….damn!”

“Let’s just head back, I think the director will have something to say about this.”

“All storm troopers, huddle up for the fight scene! It’ll be a take this time!” boomed the director’s megaphone.

“Cool! We better hurry. I don’t want to miss this one.”



48 thoughts on “Picture Prompt-29

  1. Oh I didn’t see this in the pic prompt. I might have to attack this.

    I saw a video today of what goes wrong when you don’t get licensed toys. A bloke picks up a Stormtrooper doll that is branded as Star Wabs and when you press the button to make it talk it recites a speech from Transformers, it’s quite comical.

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