Daily Prompt:  Crossing

My first thought with this Prompt took me back to when I was a child in Vermont. My sister and I used to go down to the brook, which ran a long ways over our property. Narrow, not deep, and rocky, but we were not dismayed. Determined to build a swimming hole of sorts, we tirelessly took pieces of the banks and dammed up the brook. “More mugs!” We would shout at each other, meaning we needed more clumps of grassy dirt bank to fill in the holes in the dam.  We would be crossing from side to side when a hole in the dam burst.  We said “mugs”, and where it came from or who started it, I have no idea. But we loved the whole adventure, the water getting deeper around our knees, and the feeling of success running through our heads. It never occurred to us that by using the mugs from the sides of the brook, that we were also widening the dam area! Never daunted, covered in mud, we had the best time. Just one of many delicious times we had together.

None of the pictures I found looked like I remember our brooks, but this is similar.  We didn’t have as much brush on the sides, and it wasn’t as wide as the bottom of the picture presents.