Picture Prompt-27

“Up, up and away, in my beautiful balloon”

Oh, sorry, that’s a song written by composer Jimmy Webb.

Colors drifting skyward

I feel a bit awkward

Floating with no tether

Thank god for the weather

Sunny and rather warm

Oh look down there! That farm

And the rows, perfect lines

Suppose they use a combine?

Look at those lakes, oh I wish

We’d take a pole to catch some fish.

This balloon is getting very high

Wonder if you can feel clouds in this sky?

The mountains over there

Getting near would give a scare.

Floating, drifting in the breeze

My nerves just starting to feel ease.

Such a beautiful way

To spend my day.



86 thoughts on “Picture Prompt-27

    1. In the words of Alestorm the Pirates of the heavy metal world.

      “You put your faith in Odin and Thor!
      We put ours in cannons and whores!
      Your viking gods won’t save you now
      When the pirates strike from the starboard bow!”

      Pirates win!!!

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    2. Going to be 36 on Saturday, we’ve probably got 6 or 7 weeks of this ahead, little rain, thunderstorms that start bush fires when it does rain and temps from mid 20’s to 40’s


    3. We have been to the snow, it’s even snowed up on the hill 10ks from here but we’ve never woken up to anything more than a frosty ground. There was snow on Mt Bulla in Mid Decemeber and that place is only about 2 hours from where I am sitting. I can see the peak on a clear day.

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    4. We are all in drought but it varies. We aren’t that bad but a week of hot weather and everything is dry. An hour away it’s so dry they don’t need the heat to dry things out. In NSW and QLD they’ve had floods but also bushfires. In WA it’s always dry because of heat no rain and so much barren land. NT is monsoonal so Summer is there wet season and it’s so wet up there tourists don’t even bother going up there.


    5. It’s about 4000ks across and 4000 ks top to bottom. It is big and we have lots of different climates, but something like 95% of people live close to the coast and 80% of people live in the capital cities or something. We have a lot of barren land where even the toughest of 4wd’s struggle for days to travel 10ks.

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    6. The stories of some of those who have done it since with a lot more gear are vicious too. I used to be quiet heavily into the 4wd scene and the stories some people told about crossing the desert, driving the Tanami Rd or Driving the Gibb River Road are amazing

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    7. Yes, just thought it was interesting comparing them. I’m afraid it’s a fight here to keep any land free of being taken over. The national park and forest systems do pretty well. And of course there always celebrities who can afford to buy huge amounts of land and keep it natural. Robert Redford is one.

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    8. We are loosing National Parks thanks to idiot governments but the middle of australia is mostly inhabitable for the vox pop who wouldn’t survive five minutes living on tank water, let alone no water.


    9. You look about the same really.
      The USA has a land area of almost 10 million square kilometres. Australia’s land area almost 7.7 million. The 48 contiguous states if the US, which excludes Alaska and Hawaii is just slightly over 8 million square km. So the US and Australia are very similar in area.

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    10. Oh well there was an error according to the error log but it was only for a minute or two while the server reset. I haven’t been using the site constantly but I also haven’t noticed any other issues.


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