Prompt-347, 150 words

The doctor and nurse made no attempt at making Rose feel comfortable. After all they thought, she’s in her forties, she should know better. The older woman looked dismayed, but had a steady hand on her daughter.

Rose felt faint as the medicine entered her vein. Their attitude was unwarranted, this was a doctor’s office, not a courtroom.

The mother comforted her daughter. She felt her pain, knowing she might regret this later. The doctor acted quickly; the removed contents set aside in a small, black bowl. “She can stay here till she wakes.” He turned and left while the nurse covered the bowl and also left the room.

Rose awoke, and asked her mother, “Is it over?”

Her mother replied, “the doctor is done.”

Gathering their belongings, they walked slowly to the exit. They both felt they’d left something behind.