The Green (Picture Prompt-22)

She leaned over the deck rail, could see nothing but blues.  Sea blue, sky blue, the hues reminded her of a favorite tune, “Away, beyond the blue”.  This is what she wanted, to be away, beyond everything she knew.  This would be the route to a new life, a new adventure.  The steamship would arrive in a few days to her new destination, New Zealand.  

She had always wanted to see that country, walk the uninhabited green valleys, and be free from the city she grew up in.  The exhaust fumes, the sewers, the endless stacks of garbage bags, all of that was now a distant memory.  She was looking forward to fresh air and green, lots of green.  No more gray cement and black pavement, metal and steel, just green.

The travel agent tried to persuade her to stay at a fancy resort, but she chose a small village’s boarding house instead.  But she wouldn’t even be there for long.  She invested in the best camping and hiking equipment she could afford.  She wanted the experience of having the freedom of the open landscape.

As she gazed over the blue sea, she could only think, “two more days till I  realize my dream.”