Visual Prompt:1951

She didn’t know what to do with that old boat.  It was just sitting there like a piece of junk.  She had asked Pete to move it to the trash bin a few times, but as usual, his fishing pole called to him instead.  After a few days she noticed some grass growing inside the boat, and she thought,  “if I could make something pretty out of the old clunker…..and it didn’t seem as if Pete would ever get to it.”

That same day she went into the woods across the bay, carrying a small shovel and a trash bag.  She walked around and gathered a few natural plants she thought would survive in the old boat.  In a swampy area she found some lilies and sweet flag, ornamental cabbage, and others she thought might survive.

When she returned with her treasures, Pete came over and kneeled down beside her at the boat.  “Lucky I didn’t throw this old heap away, right, Edna?”  She looked at him with a fake scowl and he winked back.


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  1. I know what you can do with an old boat. There is a town in the South Australian wheat belt about 50ks from the ocean that has a boat named Sea-Duced sitting next to a pier, (the pier also doubles as the fifth hole of the Nullarbor golf course, the world’s longest golf course at about 2000ks long) it’s been there for years and it’s just sitting propped on the ground like the water went out from under it. Only problem is Wirrulla has never had a river.

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    1. Not that interesting, there is two things in Wirrulla “the secret” (The boat.ssssh don’t tell anyone its a secret) and the Thunderdome which is just a painted dunny block. There is nothing else there and they average about 35 degree days and only a few hundred mm of rain a year

      The Nullarbor GC is one hole in 18 towns across the Nullarbor. The distance varies between towns but the longest distance is about 3 hours and the entire trip done casually takes about 2-3 days depending on stops.

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