3TC – Aging Gracefully


“I say Wellesley, have you got presbyopia? It seems you enter the room with the tray at arm’s length!”

“Certainly not madam! I have no disabilities whatsoever!”

“It’s not a disease, Wellesley, it just means your eyesight no longer exists as perfectly as it once did.”

“My eyesight is perfectly fine, madam” as he sat the tray a good distance apart from her table setting.

“You know Wellesley, neither of us is getting any younger and certain youthful amenities slowly expire. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

At her urging, Wellesley donned his fairly new spectacles with a sigh of relief. Madam smiled.


First I would like to thank pensitivity 101 for continually providing the three things challenge. It’s always interesting and fun, lovely photos and no restrictive rules☺️






A rainy day

Instead would be welcome for my sister in Vermont where it is -10F at the moment. Luckily she has a wood stove for cozy warmth along with a regular furnace. My temp is 17F, a regular heatwave in comparison.




I was one of those little red headed pigtailed freckled kids who added them each day by playing outside as my favorite activity. I was very privileged to grow up on a dairy farm with two hundred acres containing green hills, beautiful fresh streams, and best of all woods—all of which I could roam free and safe. How wonderful is that?


Fandango’s Friday Flashback

Share Your World 1-9-17

1. If I lost a bet and had to dye my hair? Platinum blonde. You don’t expect to see a seventy year old woman in pb hair, so it would definitely give some a laugh. I’m sorry to say every other color is the norm for some old ladies. I’m a “never dye my hair” diehard.

2. One word I would concentrate on this year would be patience. I don’t have enough to go around, especially in writing, and dealing with “loading” things on electronic devices.

3. Something I learned that “made my year” was that people in general are more alike than we could imagine, out there in the world – your writings, your photographs, are very inspiring. I’m grateful for all of you, broadening my horizons with your words and pictures.

4. I would love to revisit my childhood and find a pail of wild strawberries. Sitting on the grassy strawberry patch, savoring those little bits of heaven, what a treat!

I am grateful this week for advice from a blog friend who took the time to answer a personal question. Thank you.

I’m looking forward to going to the grocery to replenish my dwindling supply of kleenex, since my cold has used most of them. I also need fresh fruit to brighten up my menu of the past two weeks, hot soup meals.

I am wishing warmer weather, sunshine, and good happenings to everyone! (A bit too Pollyanna?). Oh well..😂😂http://ceenphotography.com/2017/01/09/share-your-world-january-9-2017/


Throwback Thursday

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This week’s prompt is: Sense of Style

This week we are revisiting our foray into fashion and how you learned to express yourself through your outward appearance and adornments.


Style is always changing and who can afford to keep up with the latest? I like to be neatly dressed, of course clean, and fix my hair and a little makeup.

When working in a jewelry department I loved to dress up and wore jewelry every day, now it’s not that important to me. If my long hair is up I wear earrings.

Nowadays anything goes with underwear showing, rips and tears, showing off your “attributes” is accepted but please, no pajamas in public. However I’d prefer them to the way too short shorts and low sports bra reveals. Unless you are breast feeding in public keep your shirt on. And bikinis that are barely straps at all on top and bottom? Why bother? Go to a nude beach instead.

After being confined to a wheelchair I wear leggings to not catch on wheels and no flowing long tops for the same reason. Everything looks different when you’re constantly sitting so style doesn’t really enter into it. I love dresses but no longer wear them. I miss the days of dressing up and wearing heels but those days are over. My clothes are simple and require easy on and off. One advantage—I don’t wear out shoes anymore😂😂

⬇️⬇️I wish I looked this good😂⬇️⬇️