Fandango’s Story Starter – No Regrets?

This week’s Story Starter teaser is: AS KEVIN WAS BOARDING THE BUS, HE KNEW HE WAS HEADING BACK TO THE ONE PLACE HE HOPED HE’D NEVER HAVE TO SEE AGAIN. Hesitating at the bus ladder he looked back again to his two teenaged children. He was doing this in part to show a good example.

Kevin and his father had no real relationship, but now he was expected to show up at the funeral. He had visited his father in the hospital a few months prior—also a visit to appease his sisters. A horrid phone conversation between Kevin and his dad had taken place a week ago and two days later his father was dead. His father had treated his favorite sister badly and Kevin had called to ask what his dad was thinking, treating her that way.

The phone call ended bitterly and now he thought making this trip was a penance of sorts. He was picked up at the bus station after a tiring long ride. He joined his sister to enter the funeral home. Once he saw the flower covered casket, he felt faint, finding it hard to breathe. He sat down by his siblings and listened to a flowery made up version of his father’s life. Kevin thought, “I do feel some sadness but think coming back for this was a mistake.”


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