W3 – Circle of Life

  • Write a poem using the mementopoetic form 

Memento poetic form? A ‘memento’ is a poem about a holiday or an anniversary, consisting of two stanzas. Each of the two stanzas is:

  • Six lines;
  • Syllabic: 8-6-2-8-6-2;
  • Rhyming: a/b/c/a/b/c.


I see visions of yesteryear

Some are newer, some old

Full mind

Some pictures remind me of fear

Regret of actions bold

Now bind

Tranquility is felt sometimes

Feelings seem strong then, plain

Want free

Life happens and pretend it’s fine

Strive for the even plane



17 thoughts on “W3 – Circle of Life

  1. Life happens and pretend it’s fine

    I love this poem, Cheryl, and this line in particular makes me think… do we ultimately pretend that everything’s fine? or is actually fine?


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    1. I find the older I get the more emotional I am and sometimes that is a detriment dealing with frustrating companies or lately with politics especially. Some of the new laws proposed are unbelievable and I wonder where these people came from. ——sorry, see what I mean?😂

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