MLMM Saturday Mix

She gritted her teeth and began the climb. This wasn’t the first time she had fallen out of the chair, and probably not the last. She of course knew better than to bend down low to retrieve something she dropped. It had started to be more frequent as arthritic fingers refused to cooperate. If she left it on the floor she’d probably just roll over it and cause a bigger mess, but she was really looking forward to it. When taking the foil covering off the mini peppermint candy, the chocolate disk popped out to the floor. She was short and the chair was too. She wasn’t exactly hurt, yet. Foolishness aside, she now had to figure a way to get back up into the chair. She placed the chair against the cupboards, locked the wheels, and shifted to a closer position. She could do this, had to, because no way was she calling 911 to say she’d fallen and couldn’t get up. Her grandson, a firefighter, told her that many of their calls are for that reason. Her arms were strong, legs useless, but determination was her savior.


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    1. Not exactly. But funny thing today I was making my bed and actually did fall out of my wheelchair when I was making my bed!Luckily I was next to the bed so I could work myself around where between the wheelchair and the bed I could pull myself up to my knees and one of my legs let me push myself up along with my arms. It was really nice to know that I could do it.

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