Life vs Dreams

Joe sat in the movie theater, not really paying attention as it was the third time he’d seen the production. His mind drifted to the story of his life. As a young man, he had been on a journey to derive the mystery of his previous dream vocation, to become a minister, or at the very least, a social worker. Joe wanted to lead a crusade to help the less fortunate. He began at a seminary college, full of promise and expectations of what he might achieve. It was in reality, an impossible task and he was discouraged early on. All humanitarian efforts he involved himself in were temporary fixes. Gradually he lost incentive and moved back to the city where he grew up. Joe looked at the third set of boys sitting beside him in the theater, part of the big brothers program at his local church, looking forward to not visiting the cinema again soon. Being a superhero might not be the best example for children. three words today are:


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