MLMM Saturday Mix

Welcome to the Saturday Mix – No Nonsense, 18 March 2023!
You will be given a nonsensical, made-up word. You will need to come up with your own definition and use it creatively and in context, in your response. It is your choice whether you write using poetry or prose. Your nonsense word this week is: “pitication”. Remember, define it; then use it!


The act of wanting to be pitied:

You are such a sorry sight

And I’ve tried with all my might

To ensure your happiness

But my dear you just digress

Into your own world, it’s a pity

You’re very charming, even witty

If you’d give only just one chance

And take a different hopeful stance

You’d be a happier girl I think

Step up and off that pitying brink

Try on a smile for a bit of cure

Certainly a better life it will ensure.


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