Monday Peeve

I’m not in the mood to care that it’s not still Monday- I’ll warn you right now. Here’s the problem: I was charged $7 (tip) by Walmart twice for two different small items delivered into my post office box. I tried a chat person on their site, no help.

Another day I tried a different chat and was promised a refund of the $14 and that happened. Then I received an email with a $10 “coupon” code for a next order, for my trouble—good until April.

I have not been able to use the code because there is no place to put it when you check out. I tried it in actual store pharmacy and they said it has no bar code, just letters, which is true. I even showed them the email, but because of no barcode, couldn’t use it.

I’ve been stewing over this and tonight decided to try it again. Not working—so I called the store, talked to six different people, ending in a barely understandable conversation with a nice young woman and I told her twice I could barely understand her and please slow down. Didn’t happen. Her “solution” was to use the code on my next order and I asked where do I put the code? That’s why I’m calling because there is no place! She just repeated same stuff and after twenty minutes of being on hold and finding no solution, I just said, you know what? Forget it! Keep your ten dollars. It’s not worth the aggravation! I hung up.

4 thoughts on “Monday Peeve

  1. I’m sorry you had to go through so much trouble, Cheryl. Huge companies sure seem to rely on the fact that they over charge just small amounts of money and that people won’t go down the rabbit hole of their labyrinth-like customer service system to get it back… I really hope you get your 14$ back one way or another. If not, let me know, I’ll try to find a little time to go kick Walmart’s big boss in the butt on your behalf! 😉

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