MLMM Saturday Mix- Story Cubes

For this challenge, I will be using “Rory’s Story Cubes” to generate 9 random “ideas” for inclusion in your response. I use story cubes with my students at school and just like the lucky dips from our childhood, you never know what you’re going to get! You need to use oa minimum of 5 cubes, or for an extra challenge, try and use all 9. The cubes can be interpreted any way you like and for your response it is your choice to use poetry or prose.

The Princess Act

feeling previously like a chess piece

at least now she was the queen

sought her royal rose in the mirror

starting her early morning preen

she had signed the book willingly

and from what so far she’d seen

the bight was cast, she’d make it work

a chance that fit in with her needs

life had not been easy, but this rainbow now appeared

she’d be the best example, being what a queen means



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