Fandango’s Flashback Friday

Just Jot It- 01-06-17-Tangible

First thing that came to mind was my grandson, my dear sweet chauffeur, C. Only seventeen and wise already, but always short on cash! His tangible assets from working are banked and therefore when needing something quickly, I get a visit…..”got a couple dollars for gas?” Or, “want lunch today?” (Meaning of course that he wants lunch.) Kids these days….it’s like they never heard of peanut butter and jelly! JK…Seriously, they’ve eaten plenty, and I mean plenty of that. It’s what happens when you have eight kids to feed every day, three meals a day. Mostly I’m kidding around. I rely on him to pop in and visit, and sometimes he brings friends I love to meet. I am blessed to have him.

Note: Before I looked for an old post to put on this prompt , it was weird because C came over to my home today to help me figure out a problem on my tv. on his day off. He is 23 and still a very sweet guy💓