Apples Don’t Fall From the Tree

It was unheard of for Jean to resist any matter that brought her close to notoriety. Whether it was her extravagant spending on personal
items, being featured in the news asked to pose and drive a boat in speed trials with her boyfriend, or going on safari to shoot endangered species in a wildlife preserve. Jean thought she had the right to any action she wished, ignoring any environmental complaints. Because of her father’s history as an oil executive she was able to afford these “rights”. Today she purposely ignored her father’s press conference to speak about oil reserves in the west that should not be tapped because of surrounding occupied lands. This opposition would fly in the face of his established company in the nearby area but he had secreted ties to oil he could procure from foreign entities. He would accept the temporary fire it caused and then settle in with large profits gained. The apple does not fall far from the tree.


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