SoCS – Christmas Eve

Donning slippers sheepskin cozy
grab my cocoa, start to mozy
over to the quilted chair,
hoping for a cuddle there,
when I heard some tapping on the door-
opened to see a man looking cold.
Come in, I said and warm up!
He turned around quite abrupt
I have these friends, his arm gesturing
to his right, eight reindeer resting.
Now I believed in a lot of stuff
when a child and things were rough
but here I see my childhood dream
seeing Santa and his team!
Come in, come in, speaking awkward
stood aside as all came inward.
I speak the truth, but you won’t believe
‘cause dreams are wishes, hard to retrieve
But I swear, I tell no lies
And if you believe, you are wise.

Never stop believing!


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