Rory’s Coffee Time Questions

What motivates you to get up every day? Restroom call

What words have always struck you as funny or odd when looked upon?Misspelled or mispronounced

How often do you read the comments left by other bloggers on other bloggers’ published posts? If I can I do

How hard do you work to keep your long standing friendships alive year in and year out and do your friends work the same way to keep you? I don’t consider it work

How many emails do you delete every week? Hundreds but I’ve changed my email now

Are you easily distracted, and what do you find distracts you the most? I don’t think so

Have you ever had a strange unexplained encounter that left you shaken and baffled and if so, what do you think it was? Or what did your brain make you think it was? Yes. A man pulled in front of me and stopped his car and go out came to my window. Scary

Are we more scared of things that go bump in the night when in the dark or equally as concerned if the same thing happens during daylight hours? If so, why do you think that is? I’m not

What do you think are the magical ingredients for writing a bestseller and do you think you could write one? No

When was the last time you stayed awake all night having fun with another person, and what were you doing?

Would the 18 year old you recognise the older you if you both collided on the street today? If not, why?
Probably not

What are you most looking forward to in 2023? Books in a series coming out

Are you more curious or are you more passionate, or are you both? Both

Can you easily recognise your flaws, and do you think it is important? Definitely. Yes

The musical album you loved the most in the last twenty years was… ? Probably Savage Garden for private reasons


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    1. I have no idea. I was approaching a red stop light in traffic and he came out from a side street and I had to let him in . There were cars all around us on our side of street. He was crazy looking. I tried to back up but cars behind me and on right side. When the woman behind me saw this she tried to back up and let me do the same but could not either. Finally light changed and I went around him and turned down the street leading home. He then got back in. His car followed me and then zoomed around in front of me and kept going really slow or stopping. I was just trying to get to a busy place like a McDonald’s and go in. I wasn’t about to drive home and guy who had seen the whole thing was following me, and when finally the scary guy turned off he followed that guy and I kept on going. It was a weird thing. I called the police and reported it but nothing ever happened. I picked him out from a lineup of pictures and it turns out he lived next to the junior high that I had just drop my kids off at school. The whole thing was weird and really scary.

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