SoCS – Twin Tips

This would be me if I had a house or a tree or a dog—oh! I do have lights! One out of three ain’t bad😂. I toyed with the idea of putting my artificial tree out on my patio with just lights but the wind has been so strong that I would need military sandbags to hold it down. Actually, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea because in order to get military sandbags, it would involve the military and who doesn’t love a man in uniform?

The prompt being twin is appropriate today because I just received another Christmas ornament identical to the first one that I ordered. Obviously it’s a mistake, a duplicate order and I will return it, but the problem is it was delivered by the mailman and put in my mailbox inside the complex. Walmart has charged me seven dollars per ornament as a tip. Twin tips? I don’t think so.

Walmart is great at delivering certain groceries, but if you ever want anything that they can’t deliver from the local store, they charge you a tip for delivery, the least of which is seven dollars—it goes up from there. The mailman doesn’t get it, so who gets it? Walmart of course—nothing like promoting Christmas spirit. And it’s not even my gift to give, I ordered it for someone else who doesn’t have a WM.

Add to that WP is deleting anything I try to write or maybe it’s internet, so I’m writing this in an email and hope to copy and paste to the blog. If I can write as I want here on an email it must be a WP problem🙄.

And it’s only December 3, happy holidays!


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  1. WP is busy adding features no one wants for Christmas. All I want is for the stuff we have to work. Tips? That sound suspicious. What does the mailman care if what he delivers was in stock or not? Yeah, that’s going in the WM pocket.

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