Throwback Thursday

1) When you were a kid, what were your creative outlets? As an adult, what have you created that you are most proud of?
2) Have you ever saved someone’s life? Did you ever witness someone’s life being saved? Did someone save your life?
3) Did you ever get lost as a child? How did you handle it? Do you get easily lost now?
4) Did you search out presents your parents hid from you? Did you get caught? Do you hide presents from family members as an adult? Are they ever found?
5) Do you have a special song that was sung to you by either of your parents? Did you sing to your children? (or pets) Care to share the tunes?
6) What’s something you were afraid of as a child? What is something you are afraid of as an adult?
7) What do you wish you would have learned more about in school?
8) Is there something outside of school you were so interested in you taught yourself about it as an adult?
9) What made you laugh most when you were a child? What makes you laugh out loud now?
10) What’s something from your childhood that helped to shape your outlook on life?


Exploring the outdoors and reading, acting out various scenarios with my sister did create a big imagination. Now I try to create stories and poems here on the blog. I used to do many crafts but space has curtailed that and I am proud of projects I did as gifts especially for grandchildren and family. I was also a caterer so used creative efforts in fixing and displaying foods. I’ve used creativity in all of my paying jobs over the years—the most fun part of it!😀

I’ve never saved anyone’s life but I have seen three people dying and another including my husband try to save them. My brother-in-law saved me from drowning when a child.😌

I didn’t get lost but I was lost by my parents when we were traveling as a group with family and I was second to use a restroom. I came out to see my family in the car pulling away. Of course no phones etc back then and my too chatty cousin kept telling the adults I was not in the car but she was ignored. The gas station attendant was very nice and took care of me until my cousin threw a big enough fit to make the adults listen.😳

I never dared to search out gifts and probably my kids didn’t either. There was shaking of the boxes though.☺️

A song my dad sang to me when I went to my first formal dance was “Alice Blue Gown”. My mom made the dress and it was light blue.😌

The most scary thing to me then and now are spiders. Just seeing one gives me chills and stays on my mind. I know, crazy🤯

I wished I had gone to college, at least to a two year secretarial college which was my plan. Then I met the love of my life😉

Outside of school I taught myself to knit, crochet, sew, cook and bake, paint, wallpaper, paint creatively and do household repairs like plumbing, tiling and grouting etc.👩🏻‍🏭

Probably as a child I laughed most at stories my dad and brother-in-law told and as an adult til they passed away. The family here always make me laugh for some reason, every time we get together. We always try to focus on the positive and humor helps. This reads like we’re all idiots but I hope you get my meaning🤓

I think one of the stronger influences in my life were the close deaths of my grandparents and favorite uncle in my high school years plus other personal happenings I won’t discuss here. Trust and not taking life for granted are probably the biggest issues.🙃

Thanks for these questions and prompts every Thursday. They help establish our knowledge of each other.👋🏻



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  1. Thanks for joining in. I am in awe of your catering talents. I agree that giving gifts of things we have created is wonderful.
    I am so lined up with your comment about trust and not taking life for granted.

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