Like most twelve year old boys they crave games, and want to open any doors that will lead to a chain of adventure. Even in the screen adapted versions, they steal away out of doors to explore and use their imaginations.

This day Joey talked the group into some cave hunting by the sea shore. On a ledge above one of the cave openings, they spied an old partially sunken ship not too far from shore.

Joey decided to swim out to it even though it looked too far a swim for him. Watching as he tore off his outer clothes, they started to plead for him not to go. He didn’t stop and started to free stroke quickly over the waves.

Joey reached the ship wreck and found nothing interesting. The dead bulk had been scavenged quite a few times already. Disappointed, but proud he had managed the swim, returned to his relieved companions. Further sea adventures were saved for the ever present safe video tablets at home.



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