Their Way and Then the Highway – Rant

My daughter, her daughter and her soccer daughter all headed out early yesterday morning to drive to Boise, Idaho for the WY state soccer club games. Players from Alaska also were traveling to play.

About 3/4 of the way up to Boise from home the games were called off by the city of Boise because of snow on the field….okay, anyone who actually lives in areas that have snow and ask players to come from long distances to play should have been prepared with an alternate site, cleaned off the fields or at least found an inside arena to use.

Instead, dollars spent on gas and plane tickets are wasted with no recompense from Boise.

Now if this had been a football game I ask you, what do you think would have been done? Now my family group spent the night in a motel and are on their way home driving hours again. The hope of meeting new friends from Alaska and Idaho squashed.

I am not even in the car and I am mad…Boise, Idaho? Really? No preparation? And when I checked out the weather it said no snow for today and not until possibly Thursday this week. What a bunch of wimpy city officials!


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