Fandangos Friday Flashback

SoCS Veterans Day 2017

I’m not sure how to incorporate “arm” into my post this morning.  My first thought for some peculiar reason is “the long arm of the law”.  I’ll just leave it there because I don’t have any idea why I’m thinking that….But I have good, happy news, so if you’re still reading…you know I love movies.  

My two grandsons and I splurged on the new ARQ theater here and saw “Thor Ragnarok” last night.  It was fun!  I had wanted to see it for a while.  It is unlike the other Thor and Avengers movies, but it takes the humor from those and pumps it up big time, and has references and puns about them.  It’s like watching a comic book in action.  If you see it, tell me if you got the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory bit. 

My favorite character besides Thor of course, is Korg, played by Taika Waititi, the director of TR. I tried to Google how many people it took to make this movie with no luck. The credits are long but you need to watch them. I can’t imagine there is a Visual Arts company not listed. I recommend this movie for a fun get out of yourself laugh adventure.

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