WordPress Fog

Reading posts that dazzle, when trying to summarize and express my thoughts in a comment, my ambition is stretched. Everyone dreams of receiving comments. But for some weird turn of events now I am receiving everyone’s comments in my own comment section and even email! I have tried to beat this new irritating game and have had to unsubscribe to some people I follow to try to stop this overflow. (If Jo A receives a comment from Jo B, for example, for some reason I get all those comments on my feed). What is up? How should I navigate through this fog?




https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2022/10/30/three-things-challenge-m132/THOUGHTS DREAMS AMBITION



6 thoughts on “WordPress Fog

  1. I think for that to happen, you are probably subscribed to recieve follow up comments, when you leave a comment, be sure to make sure the subscribe to follow up comments box isnt checked. X

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