SoCS – It’s a Stream all right

Probably my favorite “element” is the element of surprise. However, there is no element of surprise when it comes to our current politicos and their premises. This is a very sad state.

Here in the US we have quite a weird group of people running for office. It’s almost like vote for the devil you know. We have religious zealots, we have misogynistic men, we have gun toting women, we have people trying to tell us how to run our libraries and schools, banning books, and that just names a few. We have X athletes, snake oil salesmen, bible thumpers, insurrectionists, and mostly people who just want to divide our nation, change the basic rules our country was founded on and cause Civil War.

I only wish we did have the element of surprise here but we don’t. Some of these people running for offices have no conscience, promote lies, have no love of their fellow man and present with big egos. Self centered, self promoting riffraff- that last may be a strong word, but really, have you checked the backgrounds of some candidates? Do your research and vote.


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