Simply Six Minutes


Drusilla was one of the few witches in her coven that had a problem with directions. Most of the witches could hop on their brooms and just speak where they wanted to go, but Drusilla didn’t have that talent. In fact she usually had a map or a note with directions in her pocket for that reason.

The problem was today she had also stuffed her pocket with rotten nuts, dried crickets, and wilted spiders to feed her animal friends that were also going to be at this gathering. So as she’s sailing along among the dense clouds she realizes the rest of the group has gone too far ahead and she doesn’t see them anymore.  As she moves down closer to the ground she notices fog has surrounded every destination she thinks they might be going to and she’s completely lost her way. 

She fumbles in her pocket throwing out the spiders, crickets and the nuts, tosses them to the wind and retrieves the note with directions. As she holds it up to her face suddenly she bangs into a huge wall. The embarrassment couldn’t have been worse as her fellow coven members stood on the ground laughing.


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