MLMM Wordle #288


Imagine if you will, there is a teenage boy, ready for Halloween, dressed as a pirate with a scarf wound around his forehead and a gold earring dangling from one ear. A huge fake sapphire necklace adorns his bare chest, hoping to sway his colleagues to join in his costume ruse as they all trudge on a footpath to the pavilion, each hoping to win the “best costume” prize.

An abrupt sidestep by the boy as he confessed his parents didn’t know he was there. The old “I’m sleeping over with a friend” tact had worked once again. Funny, he thought to himself that parents still fall for that.

The crowd was large and everyone was milling around showing off their costumes while volunteer judges drifted through the crowd making notes on their clipboards.

Joe thought even if he did win, he’d have to leave his pirate gear and the prize at Mike’s house, hoping he wouldn’t scarf down the treat basket or more on point, take advantage of Joe’s hoping-to-be-girlfriend who handed out the prizes.



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