Simply Six Minutes


“A vacation, finally!” Julie could hardly believe it, sitting up in bed and stretching her arms. “Wake up, sleepyhead” she said to her husband, who groaned and pulled up the covers. Not a great start, Julie thought, but he’ll warm up to it.

This was going to be a needed time alone, away from the city and the stress. Julie was hoping Sean would enjoy it too, seeing he needed this break the most.

They had arranged a tour of old castles and being the off season, they hoped for some quiet sightseeing, maybe a picnic or other non stressing activity. First on the list was a castle in ruins, a few miles up the coast, and basically isolated. Julie had packed a basket lunch, added wine and a wish for fun.

As soon as they stepped into the structure, it seemed welcoming and she hoped this was a good sign. Then it appeared.



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