MLMM Wordle #285


No roundabout version of his opinion was going to be heard, no subtle references in the story at all. Nope, Joe always just blurted out his chill version of events in outstanding clarity, at least that’s what he thought.

“It began with breakfast service to our cabin. Our business assets provide this weekend to their clients once a year, clients meaning us,” he smiled. “The reason of course is obvious, to promote well being and encourage us to drop more clients their way. Why some of you decided to visit rancor on the poor server, I have no idea. He was trying to do his best and didn’t deserve your criticism. We are a large group here and of course everyone ordered something different to eat. The weekend is free, the surroundings and accoutrements are free and so is the service, no tips required.”

Joe looked around seeing a still disgruntled audience. “You guys are hopeless!”

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