What Day is it Anyway?

I’ll begin with WP as when I use the microphone to write a personal post like this one, parts just disappear. I should have screenshot my post because after I previewed this post, some of it just disappeared—AGAIN! 😖

(It just happened again-what I just wrote just disappeared.). So I’ll type and if you’re still reading, excuse my mistakes.

Back to point, Today is just a reminder of my stupidity when I signed up for a now apparent scam, putting in a dollar to a site that will probably end up costing me $300 in the long run in fraudulent charges. Go ahead put the big L on your forehead indicating me…

The frustration level on the old homestead is steadily increasing. Attempts to contact the bank on 800 or local number fail. Local doesn’t answer their phone or provide a message service. 800 number won’t accept my pin. My EFTs are not going through even though I was assured on the bank app they would. You can see how this is going to cause fees from those creditors and you can’t blame them. I think I may have to change banks and of course that causes a whole new set of pitas.

So what day is it anyway? I’ll refrain from any obscenity but you can fill in the blanks.



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