Simply Six Minutes

Set up a timer or sit near a clock so you can keep track of the six minutes you will be writing.
You can either use one of the prompts (photo or written) or you can free-write.
Get ready and write for 6 minutes, that is it! Can you write a complete story? Can you think of a new Sonnet? Can you write 400 words? 400? 500? There are no restrictions on what kind of writing you do, but you should try to be actively writing for six minutes.
After you are done writing, include your word count and then post back to this page #Simply6Minutes or include your link in the comments section. Pingbacks are enabled.

“He is no John Travolta”, at least that was the scuttlebutt going around among the rest of the contestants. “This is no monkey business” they quarreled, “this should be taken more seriously!”

Mikey ignored them. All those ballet lessons would surely pay off. The contest prize was a new home in the last Brazil rainforest that accepted his kind. The other forests had been disappearing at a horribly quick rate and his home had been destroyed.

***76 words


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