SoCS – Wallpaper


In 1972 we moved from TX to CO and the entire house was painted with coffee w/cream color. With three little kids, I repainted the whole thing in an off white because the carpet and curtains were boldly colored. We had three bathrooms and I wanted to make the one for the boys bright so we tried a stripe- never choose a stripe for an old house – it was a disaster and caused a thrown – not by me – measuring item to make a divot in the tile floor😂. Later we tore that out and put in a black and white funny cartoon wallpaper. We papered the kitchen in that home too. As a rule I think wallpaper is great for others but too much of a mess for me.

When we moved back to CO from TX in 2000 and were close to the grandkids I would “paper” our walls with drawings, finger paintings, and other media art they made. Creating anything and everything with them was the most fun!


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