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Native Americans

Babies wrapped in buffalo robes
Their eyes wrapt in horror
Wild-eyed as the only loved ones they’ve ever known
Violently fall, struck down by rifle bullets or ropes wrapped around necks
While previously unknown white men exercise their soldiers’ “right”—
Eradicate the brown people




7 thoughts on “dVerse Poets Quadrille

    1. Living right in the middle of that history now, I think it’s important to know. As a kid in VT we used to play Cowboys and Indians and never gave it a thought as my dad was a cowboy, grew up in Wyoming and we thought that was a wild adventure, and were so proud of him and all that and then when you’re older and you realize the history behind the west, and it is sad. My dad was a cowboy on a ranch and his mother raised and kept horses for the army so I guess they were probably a contributor in a way. I’m only finding out about some of this history now that I’m old. 🤔


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