dVerse Poets Prosery

a prosery piece is a flash fiction in 144 words, including the specified line from a poem. You can change the punctuation, but you must keep the words the same.
Tonight’s line is : “she’d had it sliced away leaving a scar”.
The line comes from a poem by Michael Donaghy, and I came across it in Ruth Padel’s book “52 ways of looking at a poem”. Donaghy was born in America in 1954, and moved to London in the 1980s, where he worked in traditional Irish music. He sadly died in 2004.


She’d had it sliced away leaving a scar, even nearest and dearest friends were oblivious to her inner sorrow. They knew something had changed in her demeanor, missing her blithe spirit and sudden raucous laugh at their jokes.

Sue was never what you would call the life of the party but she used to let her emotions free in the small group of friends.

Sue met her fateful need of what might be interpreted as enlightenment on a sunny day at the beach. She was mindlessly drawing pictures in the sand with her nephew when approached by a handsome young man. She and her nephew were at once fascinated by tales he told around the images drawn in the sand.

The afternoon led to a too brief encounter and the man disappeared. After she had offered her heart and was dismissed, the operation occurred.



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