The Sunday Whirl


With the monsoon like storm brewing its cruel magic outside the library, Joe thought it best to curb his impulse to dash out for a coffee. The library offered a small line of coffees but none were his favorite.

He initially entered the facility on a hunch Helen would be there. He didn’t try to disguise himself, but he kept a fair distance away, hoping to blend in. He didn’t want her thinking he was trying to stalk her; he was just fascinated.

With a flickering sigh as he watched her in the romance section, his thoughts turned to a fantasy of them together. It was then he leaned back too strongly on the stacks and a huge thud broke into the silence.

Helen immediately reacted with a jolt and dropped the book she was holding. Fortunately, an embarrassed Joe realized his opportunity and rushed over to pick up her book. The rest is history☺️



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