Throwback Thursday

This week’s prompt is: Secrets, Hiding Places and Niches You can either free write using these questions as inspiration or answer the question as they are.

  1. Did you keep a diary or a journal? If so, where did you keep it?
  2. Did you have treasures or money you hid from siblings or parents?
  3. Did you have a need to hide things your parents would not approve of, like cigarettes, etc.?
  4. Thinking back, describe your most creative hiding place.
  5. Did you have a tin box or safe or a diary with a lock?
  6. What about yourself? Did you ever have a favorite get away spot or hiding place?
  7. If you did not feel the need to hide away, where did you go for a little alone time?
  8. If you had siblings, did they hide things from you? If so, what types of things?
  9. Now that you are an adult, do you still have little niches where you hide things away, like mad money, treasured letters, etc?
  10. When you feel the need to be alone, to where do you retreat ***

This is a strange one for me because I do not remember hiding anything or writing a diary etc. I would go out on my swing and stay there for periods of time but never really hid away. I think strict parents were probably the reason. I never wanted to cause a problem because there were problems enough for them to deal with already. Now that I live alone as a widow I don’t feel the need to be in hiding or need alone time, I have plenty. I do have some letters I have packed away in an envelope marked private but if I thought I was dying I would get rid of them. When you are older and disabled you really have no privacy.

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