3TC – You Can’t Trust Anyone

Following on from Monday’s milestone your three words today are:

Julie nervously adjusted the microphone hidden in her blouse’s rosette and shifted only slightly away from him. As the other detectives were sitting in a car outside recording the conversation, she was aware the criminal seemed to scroll through his phone. “As I was saying, Mr. White, I don’t have the money right now.”

Mr. White stopped scrolling with his beady mean eyes and slowly stated “Then I guess you know what will happen”. Julie didn’t have to fake a shiver and scared response.

“You’re going to hurt her? Please, I will get the money to you…tonight? I’ll find it somehow!”

“Tonight at midnight, Creature Park by the fountain. If you’re late, she’s dead.”

Later just before midnight, she and two hidden detectives waited at the park’s fountain. The kidnapper appeared as if from nowhere, grabbed the money and a shot rang out. Julie lay in the grass, dead. The two detectives came out and the three of them took off in a woman’s car.




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