Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt

Growing up in Vermont, the word “vernacular” was probably never spoken in my home, but we made use of the term every day. Vermonters have sayings I love hearing. When I moved to Texas in 1966, I was often looked at curiously in understanding and vice versa😄 Some favorites are:
Ayuh – yes, agree
Uey – U turn
Cremee – a Dairy Queen type dessert cone
Clicker – Remote of any kind
Grinder – Sub/Hoagie sandwich
Jimmies – Sprinkles on cookies or ice cream
Down Cellar – In the basement



4 thoughts on “Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt

  1. Different parts of the UK each have their own vernacularisms (is that a word?)
    My favourite is in Yorkshire where they greet you with ‘ay-up’! Where I live in the South East we are far too posh for such common talk, and stick to the Queen’s English!!!

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  2. I love regionalisms like this. Clicker (back when they were new things) and Uey are familiar to me, but the others are new. I’ve often heard “sub sandwiches” referred to as “grinders” but never knew why.


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